Mandala #2

Mandala #2, als neue Muster W2,
Ein paar neue Muster übte ich heute, unter anderem das W2! Wow, das hat es in sich bis man es "doodeln" kann! Als Belohnung gabs dann dieses Mandala mit krönender Mitte!
Some new pattern practised, one of them W2! Wow, it's tricky to learn up to the moment you can just doodle it. My price for practicing was this Mandala with special centerpiece!
Familien Zentangle Jaqui
Und diese zwei Herzen möchte ich Euch auch heute zeigen!
And these two hearts I want to show you as well today!


Fox hat gesagt…

Goodness! You got so GOOD so very FAST! These are amazing - especially that checkerboard. I still cannot do that!

Astounding progress. Congrats.
Fox : )

Gunhild hat gesagt…

Hihi, thanks,... (take in mind the Family Zentangles are not from me!!!)I have to tell again, I did the pattern W2 //: several times://, and tried to find out the repetetive steps in detail, more than discribed in the book, that helped me.